Stun Guns and Tasers

Taser guns and stun guns are an increasingly popular and effective method of personal protection. Taser is technically a registered trademark brand name for a kind of stun gun, and is one of three kinds of stun guns we will outline here.

Stun Guns
Stun guns are devices to incapacitate threatening people who are unmanageable by any other means. These are now widely used by security personnel and police officers, and are increasingly popular consumer items.

There are several styles of stun guns, including the traditional gun unit and the Taser, which is a noteworthy variation on the stun gun. Other styles or designs of the stun gun can include:

With all of the above stun weapons, you must be in direct contact with the attacker.

Tasers differ significantly from standard stun guns. The shock of a Taser is delivered by wires. These wires are fixed with electrodes on their ends. The wires are shot out the end of the Taser gun with a range of up to 20 feet. In using a Taser gun, you do not have to be close to your assailant. It's very effective for police foot chases, for example.

Liquid stun guns
Liquid stun guns are a relatively new innovation. These are somewhat similar to the Taser, in that they can deliver at a distance. In fact, they have a greater range than the Taser. They are also more cumbersome than the Taser.

Did you know?
TASER stands for "Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle," taken from the Tom Swift series of boys' books written early in the 20th century, including Tom Swift and his Electric Rifle.

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