Stun Gun Safety

Tasers and stun gun safety
Stun guns work on voltage delivered directly into human muscle tissue. These scramble the signal of the brain to muscles. Stun guns and Tasers do not cause electrocution.

Electrocution is caused by current not voltage. Tasers and stun guns have very high voltage but very low current. The voltage temporarily disables nerves and muscles but causes no permanent harm.

The output of stun guns and Tasers is carefully metered. Shocks provided by stun guns and Tasers do not pass through water and do not conduct from one person to another. If your attacker is touching you, you will not be shocked.

Stun guns immobilize people. Be sure that the person is not in a precarious or dangerous position, if at all possible.

If you miss the target with your Taser shot, you can still use your Taser as a stun gun.

Never leave your Taser out where someone might mistake it for anything other than a potentially harmful personal protection device. If you have children, explain to them what the Taser is, how it works and why they should never touch it.

Keep stun guns and Tasers in a safe place out of the reach of children. Never use your Taser or stun gun as a toy.

Pepper Spray Safety
Some versions of pepper spray contain methylene chloride, a known carcinogen that is potentially harmful if brought into direct contact with eyes.

Certain methods of delivery are more prone to blowback than others, notably the mist method. If you get hit by pepper spray, it takes soap and water and persistent cleansing to remove it. Use cool water.

Pepper spray may not work as well in rain, fog or wind.

Make sure you do not let the attacker wrestle it from you and use it against you.

Additional Precautions
These products have all been involved in deaths. In some cases, we feel these deaths could have been prevented had operators better understood how to deal with the aftermath of use.

It is best to get full training and education before using any of these personal defense products. You need to fully understand the effects of these products.

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