Stun Gun FAQ

What's the difference between a stun gun and a Taser?
The Taser has wires that are fired, lodging probes in the clothing or skin of the assailant. Stun guns must be administered by hand. A Taser can work from a distance (so you actually might say it is more of a "gun" than stun guns). Both products work by dumping large amounts of electrical current into the muscles of the body.

Are there any permanent effects of stun guns, Tasers or pepper spray?
None of these products can directly cause long term damage. Of course, there may be secondary factors. If you stun someone and they fall, they may incur secondarily related injuries.

Are stun guns or Tasers or pepper spray legal where I live?
All United States customers should check the laws of their state and locality. In some places, stun guns are restricted. Many countries also restrict these devices.

What about all those deaths related to Tasers and stun guns?
From 1999 to 2003, Tasers were used by police forces across the continent. In 70 deaths related to Taser use, it was never shown conclusively that the Taser was the cause of death. A large number of these deaths were investigated and autopsied and no blame laid on Tasers. Many of these heart attack victims were severely intoxicated, with an already increased heart rate due to alcohol or hard drugs like cocaine. In many cases, Tasers were used to disable individuals, where otherwise far more damaging firearms would have been used.

A 1999 study concluded that weapons with a charge weaker than Tasers increased the risk of cardiac malfunction in people with heart conditions. However, according to the company, 100,000 police officers have volunteered to "demonstrate" by taking hits from Taser weapons - with no deaths.

Can a stun gun be fired multiple times?
Yes, stun guns can be used numerous times.

Must Taser probes penetrate a body to be effective?
No, the probes discharge an electrical field that can work through clothing.

How should I carry my pepper spray, Taser or stun gun?
Keep your pepper spray between room temperature and body temperature if possible. Practice drawing your personal protection device. Know exactly how you are going to use it, should a situation arise.

Which of these is the most effective?
Stun guns and Tasers will incapacitate anyone, even if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

According to some studies, there is a small percentage of the population for whom pepper spray has a limited effect, though others dispute these findings.

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