Signal Lights and Safety Flashers

There are a number of personal security products that can help ensure your safety on the road. Should you have any kind of breakdown, you want to have a number of measures on hand to ensure your personal safety until help arrives. Many of these are available on the internet.

If purchasing any of these products is impractical for you, you can also keep yourself safe with some simple, if less alarming devices, such as:

Products listed below can also be handy and adaptable to other situations as well.

Emergency Lights

It's ideal to buy emergency lights or signal strobe lights that you can put in the window of your car. These devices also help other drivers avoid you. However, remember to use your cell phone before anything else!

You can purchase simple flashing lights or reflector beacons with messages such as "Help." These fit into the back window of your car. These also make excellent personal security devices for your home. Should you have a home emergency, you can put these in your window to alert emergency personnel to find your house more easily.

You can also buy dome lights for personal security use or as part of an arsenal of safety devices. These lights, similar to the lights on emergency vehicles are ideal emergency signals. Flares are another option. These might be overkill, but they are effective!

Other Driver safety devices
Driver alert alarms are nifty new devices that can help keep sleepy drivers awake. Also called nap zappers these give drivers a serious wake up call. If your head leans forward, an alarm will sound, instantly waking the drowsy driver so he can pull off the road.

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