Send Word Now

Send Word Now is technically not a medical alarm company or a personal emergency response system, but we highlight it here as an affordable alternative. Other systems run about $350 per year, and this may be too much for some families. It could be considered as a supplement to personal alert systems, able to send messages to many people quickly.

Send Word Now can send voice and text messages to thousands of people in a matter of minutes - anywhere, anytime, through any channel of communication, including cell phone, work phone, home phone, e-mail, pagers, wireless and text messaging devices.

Send Word Now is a web-based solution with an easy-to use interface. It's very simple to add contacts, manage groups, or send messages from any internet connection or phone number.

Here's how Send Word Now works:

Send Word Now is an ideal supplement to other systems in order to automatically alert family and friends of a problem with any loved one and be assured that everyone will receive the message. Send Word Now can even leave messages on answering machines.

The system was tested during the blackout of August 2003, during which Send Word Now successfully delivered messages for all their clients nationwide. Send Word Now says, "Be confident that Send Word Now will work when you need it."

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