Personal Security Products FAQ

Are you really an independent consumer guide?
Yes, we are in favor of no particular company. We do appreciate it if you click on the helpful links, as these will help you find out even more about medical alarms, personal emergency response systems, personal security and personal protection devices.

How do I even begin a conversation about medical alarms with my parents?

Be straightforward and firm, but never confrontational:

Are there lots of differences between medical alarm companies?

What's the best way to ensure my personal safety?
Personal safety begins with your own personality. Be aware: this is the first rule of many organizations, from the Boy Scouts to Buddhism to Christian monasteries. Train your mind to notice things. Pay attention to your gut feelings and intuitions. Notice when things "just don't feel right."

What's the difference between a Taser and a stun gun?
See our Stun Guns FAQ page.

Why would I buy any of these products over the internet?

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