Preventing Falls

For someone already facing deteriorating health and mobility, falling must be avoided. Falls can lead to increased or permanent disability, so it is in the interest of all concerned that these be avoided. It is estimated that 1/3 of all people 60 years or older have bad falls each year. There is no sure way to prevent falls, but actions can be taken to reduce risk.

Many other websites recommend lifestyle changes or retraining of basic behavior, for example "consciously lift each foot off the floor." We think a better approach is to know the patient's habits and behaviors and to work around those. Here are some basic tips:

In the living room and bedroom

In the bathroom

In the kitchen

Taking these precautions will also help ease your mind and decrease the likelihood of ever having to make use of the medical alarm or personal emergency response system.

See also information on fall sensors on our "features to consider" page.

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