Personal Protection Devices

Every day, new technology is being developed to increase our personal security. It is important to know all of your options with respect to personal safety and protection. The number of options is wide ranging, and every product available has its pros and cons.

By using these pages you can compare the effectiveness and ease of use of various personal alarms, stun guns, sprays and other protection devices. We even do some of the comparison and evaluation for you, though we leave a lot of this up to your judgment.

One simple recommendation we make right here is that, if you are going to invest in personal protection devices, you should consider buying an arsenal of three products. Three gives you a handy range of options that can be applied to almost any situation.

We also cautiously approve the use of stun guns. Read our site and consider for yourself. We fully explain the differences between stun guns and Tasers, the effects these devices have and how they work. Anyone interested in personal protection should know this information.

Things to consider when purchasing personal protection products are:

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