Personal Alarms

One of the safest ways to protect yourself is with a personal alarm. There are a number of devices that emit piercing sounds to deter potential attackers, both human and animal. A standard claim for personal alarm products is that the blast will be heard up to mile away.

Advantages of personal alarms

Disadvantages of personal alarms

There are several kinds of personal alarms:

Screechers - Quite often, these are aerosol alarms that emit an "ear-piercing" blast readily recognized as an emergency call for help.

2-in-1s - These combine the security of a personal alarm with that of a light. Some products can have a strobe effect that readily alerts other people that there is a crisis situation.

Keychain alarms - These are of course handy and are usually a 2-in-1 style of alarm.

Self-activating alarms - These are relatively new products that are activated as soon as they can work on their own in the event of a sudden attack from behind

Door stop alarms - These are great for travelers. If the door is opened unwanted, the alarm is tripped.

Personal alarm door clips - These are similar to the door stop alarms, except they clip in between the door and its frame. If the door is opened, the clip opens and the alarm is activated.

You can use personal alarms alone or carry them in tandem with other personal security products.

Personal alarms are great for warding off personal attack and are ideal for women on campus or people who live alone in urban centers or in apartment buildings. These can free up consumers to pursue out door activities with increased peace of mind.

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