New Personal Security Products

There is rapid and increasing innovation in personal defense products. Some examples include:

Personal attack defense spray
This product, introduced recently to the public, could be a great new innovation in the arsenal of personal defense products. The spray is a blue dye that marks your assailant. Since the dye keeps color for several days, this makes it much easier to identify attackers.

Used with the proper precaution, this item could make law enforcement and arrest procedures much quicker. Like many other personal security products, public knowledge of this product could make it as much a deterrent as a personal protection device.

Some pepper sprays already incorporate ultra-violet dye in their mixtures to aid police in identification of suspects.

Look for cell phone and wireless companies to integrate personal alarms into their technology. In 2004, Nokia announced the launch of The Protector 9600, a cell phone with a built-in stun gun. Any other hybrids you can imagine cannot be far behind.

Personal alarm location systems
As early as 1997, a personal alarm system for college campuses was being researched at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. The system has a central monitoring station, and students could sign up to have a personal alarm linked to the central station via radio receivers.

If someone is attacked or hurt in any other way, campus emergency services could pinpoint their location immediately, tracing the signal intensity, and sending help. The system also gave students the option of alerting security before trouble happened.

The system is already in place in prisons and would also have applications for large corporations, office complexes and condominium security.

With the application of Global Positioning (GPS) technology, exact location is easier than ever to pinpoint.

Guardian Identicom
This technology is developed in the UK for case and social workers who work alone and may encounter abuse situations. To call for backup, these devices radio to a central post so lone workers can raise alarm. The technology is simpler and quicker than cell phones.

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