Medical Alarm Features

Options with your Personal Emergency Medical Alert System:
Be sure that your medical alert system offers:

Other Related Options

Fall Sensors
Some companies in the industry offer a fall sensor. This is a relatively new innovation employing complex technology that distinguishes between falling, heavy sitting and even dropping the unit. These have been tested to give very few false alarms.

These products also differentiate between extended periods of inactivity and sleep and can summon help without the need for the user to manually press the alarm.

Medication Dispenser
For those who take medications on a regular basis, there are various products that help to automate the dispersal of medications. For example, these units can automatically count out pills, remind the end user when to take his or her medication, and monitor if and when doses have been missed.

These can be part of a medical alarm system purchase. You want to be sure that medical personnel can get into your house, but you might also live alone and are concerned about strangers being able to break into your house. These small units can hold a key that is only released to those who know the combination.

The combination can also be stored with the monitoring center of any emergency medical alert system. The combination can also be given to the user's children or other guardians. These lockboxes are either mounted on the side of the house or hung on the doorknob.

Additional options
Expect companies to add newer technologies to their alert systems as this technology becomes available.

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