Personal Medical Alarms

The high-tech nature of modern medical devices can make them extremely intimidating for the people who rely on them the most. Fortunately, medical alert systems (or personal medical alert devices) are neither complex nor difficult to use, even though they do have some incredibly high-tech features packed into very small and easy-to-wear devices. If you live on your own and are concerned about your health or security, one of these systems may prove invaluable. It doesn't matter whether it's your health or personal security that you're worried about - these systems can alert emergency medical or law enforcement services. Most of the monitoring services can even alert a list of people in other cities or states once the system is triggered or an ambulance is called.

There are several manufacturers of personal medical alert devices, most of whom offer their own monitoring system for use with their particular device. These devices and their accompanying monitoring services are relatively inexpensive, particularly when you consider the peace of mind they can give you, as well as the potential life-saving benefits. American Medical Alarms, for instance, charges $35 per transmitter and about $30 per month for their continuous monitoring system which includes access to a call center with trained support staff who can respond within 45 seconds of the device being engaged.

AlertOne offers a similar package, proudly claiming to be among the only personal medical alarm service companies with their own call center rather than outsourcing it to others. AlertOne's monitoring package costs around $30 per month, which can be reduced even further when a full year of service is purchased at a time.

LifeLink offers what is essentially an automated dialing system to call several telephone numbers when the user presses a "panic button." These numbers can include 911, but since the system does not connect to a call center, the responses are limited. The system costs a flat $200, with no ongoing service charges. The LifeLink is a good option if family or friends live nearby, but all other things considered, a full monitoring package with access to trained staff at a call centre may be a more reassuring choice for most users.

LifeFone, LifeGuardian, and Send Word Now all offer similar monitoring packages and personal medical alert devices. All are good - the most important thing is that those who need it have an easy way to contact the right people in any emergency. The peace of mind alone is well worth the low rates, and if an emergency ever arises, the monthly rate could prove to be an absolute bargain.

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