LifeLink is unique in that it offers a one-time fee for an effective medical alarm system, with no additional monthly monitoring fees. Their one-time fee, under $200, covers the cost of the alarm and base unit which notify relevant parties of an emergency at the user's home.

As with other alarm systems, LifeLink offers a panic button that seniors or other home care recipients can push, in order to notify others. The difference from other services is that there is no monitoring station, just a set of pre-programmed numbers that are called.

Here's how LifeLink works:
1. If someone lives alone and they have an emergency, they press their alert button.
2. The system makes calls to a series of pre-programmed numbers that might include:

At the same time, an alarm is sounded (85 dB) within the home that may be audible to those outside the home or apartment.

3. The LifeLink base unit calls the numbers in order, waiting for each to answer within a set number of rings.
4. When one of these is answered, the unit plays a pre-recorded message, such as "Mrs. Watson at 400 Oak Street has pushed her medical alarm button in an attempt to reach you. Please press '0' to listen."
5. Your son or daughter (for example) can then press '0' and listen to activity inside your home, using a high-powered microphone on the base unit.
6. If you have a problem, you can describe it. If your son or daughter or other guardian cannot hear you, they can call 911 or get other help.

This system is an intelligent alternative to more expensive monitoring systems. The advantage of having a monitoring system such as that offered by AlertOne or American Medical Alarms is a bit more piece of mind and quicker response, but these are also much more costly.

The technology involved in LifeLink is also very easy to set up and can be done within 15 minutes.

LifeLink medical emergency response systems also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

LifeLink's regular price is $179.99 (as of December, 2004) with no monthly or other additional fees. Other features cost more, and the company is also known to offer the occasional sale. Check website for details.

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