LifeGuardian offers a couple of features that are unavailable with other services. These are service up to several hundred feet and 16 optional alarm accessories.

LifeGuardian Personal Emergency & Medical Alert Reporting Systems have been available in over 100,000 hospitals, health care agencies, homes, pharmacies and medical supply companies throughout North America. The company has been making medical alert systems for over 35 years.

One of the unsurpassed features of LifeGuardian is its long-range transmission of 600 feet. No other personal emergency and medical alert reporting company makes this claim and backs it up with a lifetime warranty and a thirty day return policy. LifeGuardian even challenges consumers to test this claim at their own residence.

LifeGuardian also prominently displays its backing by the Better Business Bureau. Its products are UL listed (Underwriter Lab tested; see note under LifeFone).

The LifeGuardian system also allows you to add up to 16 sensors including extra personal help buttons, smoke detectors, inactivity sensors, and others. See their website to find out more.

LifeGuardian's service works the same as other standard services. A call help button is pushed and a monitoring center, open 24 hours, 7 days per week, is notified. If there is no response to the operator's query, help is dispatched and necessary people are notified.

The LifeGuardian Medical Alarm System is $39.95/month (as of December, 2004) and a one-time activation fee of only $49.95. It includes a lifetime equipment warranty and a 30 day unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

LifeGuardian also offers expedited free delivery by U.S.P.S. Priority Mail.

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