LifeFone has been in the medical emergency response field for over 25 years, since 1976.

They have provided peace of mind for thousands of users in Canada and the United States and are constantly looking to utilize the latest technology to improve service. One of its unique features is a LifeFone card, offering you protection around the world.

Customers rave about the company's unique combination of "efficiency combined with courtesy." LifeFone offers a standard monitoring medical alert service. The LifeFone medical alert pendant or bracelet automatically calls the LifeFone Emergency Response Center to notify the designated doctor, family and friends, in an emergency.

LifeFone also offers worldwide protection. With each subscription to LifeFone, users automatically receive a LifeFone Emergency Response Card. The card is engraved with your name and LifeFone personal identification number to permit quick retrieval of key information that might be needed in any emergency.

LifeFone's 24-Hour Emergency Response Center transmits all your vital medical facts to doctors, paramedics and emergency room staff. All your medical facts are immediately called up on a computer screen as soon as your LifeFone alert is activated.

They also give quick, accurate medical information that could help save your life, no matter where in the world you travel to. Emergency personnel can phone the LifeFone Emergency Response Center and quickly find out all your vital medical facts to help users get fast, exacting treatment.

LifeFone has been an innovator throughout its history, as one of the original companies in the personal response field. All of its products meet Underwriters Laboratory's standards. This standard (as LifeFone's website will tell you) is rigorous-- government approved for each industry.

LifeFone's website is also a helpful resource for many issues related to personal medical alarms.

Pricing varies, but is "less than a dollar a day."

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