Child Transmitters and Pool Alarms

Child transmitters are a relatively new innovation in child security, personal protection and personal alarms. Of course, there is no better security than keeping a close eye on your children, but there are a number of situations where parents may not be able to keep track of their little ones.

Situations in which a child transmitter might be put to good use are:

A child transmitter basically acts as a pager. You can set the range for anywhere from five up to several hundred feet. Once the child wanders out of that range, the alarm is activated. These are great if you are engaged with other children or otherwise occupied. The range is adjustable, so it can be expanded as children get older.

Of these, the best units are the ones equipped with a child panic button. When this button is pushed, a loud blast is sounded so the child can alert others. The parent's remote control is also equipped with one of these buttons for quick location of a child in a crowd.

These products can also be used for briefcases, laptop computers and other products. Products have a fairly broad range in price from $30 up to $70.

Some of these products are designed to look like toys.

Pool Alarms
Pool alarms detect any wave action. Of these, independent testing has shown that the best pool alarms are "underwater pool alarms." These devices attach to your pool and can be turned off when the pool is in normal usage. When you leave the pool, the alarm is turned on and it will sound if anyone or anything falls into the pool.

Child Safety Pool Alarms
Another related yet innovative product is a child safety pool alarm, usually a wristband device. These products have a send unit and a receiver. When the send unit is immersed in water, the receiver emits a piercing alarm. It can even be programmed to contact emergency help via a telephone connection. One company in this area is Safety Turtle.

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