Child Home Safety

Certainly, there are some parents with irrational fears about child safety. However, there are also those who do not pay close enough attention to their child's safety. There are a number of simple child protection devices that are very practical for any home with young children and are easy to use.

Many such products can be purchased separately or as part of a child safety or child protection kit. These include:

New Products
We also recommend that you at least think about the following safety products that are newer to the market:

Television straps: In recent years, there have been a number of high profile news stories about falling televisions. Companies have since come out with simple products that strap the television (or other equipment) in place, anchored to the wall or the floor.

Another important home safety product available is an emergency fire escape ladder. Some of these can be let down from as high as the sixth storey of apartment buildings and can be stored out of the way. Some of these products hook onto the window sill, while others can be built into the wall. For concerned grandparents, these can make a great gift.

Basic Home Safety Tips
On the other hand, parents have to realize that nothing is fail-safe, and nothing is as fail safe as paying close and careful attention to your children. Some other basic tips:

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