American Medical Alarms

American Medical Alarms is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. They offer a standard emergency monitoring service for a reasonable price. With American Medical Alarms you pay only for monitoring. There are no other charges.

The product consists of two simple elements:

American Medical Alarms offers standard monitoring. Their call center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients wear the alarm on a pendant or bracelet and can press the button any time they are alarmed about anything, whether it is related to health or any other security issue (such as break-ins).

American Medical Alarms promises that they will respond 40 to 45 seconds later. Two-way voice communications allow operators at American Medical Alarms' Emergency Response Center to find out the problem, communicate with the user, offer assurance and call for emergency help if needed.

Once the proper parties have been notified, American Medical Alarms also notifies anyone else on your "must notify" list. These can be family members, friends or anyone else you want to notify (even people out of state), if an ambulance has been dispatched.

Each unit has an 18 hour battery backup.

American Medical Alarms also offers a product called Vial of Life. This can contain all medical and insurance information. This is kept in an accessible spot (such as on the door of your refrigerator) for easy discovery by emergency personnel.

American Medical Alarms' most recent model, the Smartwave Series, costs $29.95 per month (as of December 2004). The company promises no other charges, no set up fees and no activation fees. This charge pays for 24 hour call monitoring.

Each additional pendant costs $35, with no additional monitoring fee (so two or even more users can be on the same system).

The company also offers a lifetime warranty, so users are not responsible for any service or repair.

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