Alert One, a family owned company in business since 1988, has offices in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Alert One is one of the largest suppliers and distributors of medical alarms, medical alerts, personal emergency response systems (PERS) and similar technologies. They supply up to 1,000 new medical alert systems every month. Alert One is used by hospitals, home health companies and other providers across the country.

Alert One is separated from other companies by its customer service. In medical alarms and PERS, this means that they are one of a few companies to have its own call center. Calls are not outsourced to a subcontractor. Alert One proudly boasts: "Call our competitors at 2:00 a.m. and then call us, and see which company answers the phone."

In Alert One's monitoring, they are also exclusively dedicated to medical alarms. This means they specialize in the personal emergency response systems and nothing else, where other companies might also try to handle burglar alarms and other alarms.

Some other highlights of Alert One's service:

Signaling Equipment and UL 1635 Digital Alarm Communicator System Units (see explanation of Underwriters Laboratory on our LifeFone page).

As with other response systems, users are not required to pick up a phone. Alert One's medical alarm console holds a powerful speaker that allows the user to hear the operator while a very sensitive microphone listens. In situations where Alert One cannot hear the patient, emergency personnel are immediately contacted.

The Alert One medical alarm is very easy to set up. In cases where the patient is unable to set up the device, Alert One's service team can be called in to help.

Alert One has a monthly plan or a yearly plan. Their monthly plan is currently (as of December 2004) listed at $29.95 per month. If you pay by the year, the plan works out to $26.95 per month.

These plans have no sign up or installation fee. Fall Sensor plans are higher in price.

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