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Welcome to Your Security Guide, a one-stop consumer information guide to personal security products.

Your Security Guide is an independent guide, so you won't find this kind of objective information on any vendor sites. We give you:

Most of the time and in the majority of situations, the United States is one of the safest, most secure places on earth. However, there are some times and situations where we feel less than secure, and there are other times when our security is genuinely compromised.

Part of the reason for our increased awareness of security, and a way of maintaining this, is the use of technology. This site discusses various newer technologies related to personal security.

On this site, we profile a number of products related to personal security, personal protection, emergency response and personal alerts. Products covered include:

We're especially interested in helping consumers make informed choices about all products related to personal safety. We compare products, companies and devices for their:

We also offer some basic advice on medical aid and medical insurance as related to personal emergency response systems or medical alarms. We've got background information on TASERs and stun guns, with a glossary of terms and some FAQs related to the intelligent use of all the products described here.

Finally, Your Security Guide provides a number of tips that help you and your loved ones avoid dangerous situations in the first place, because that is our first priority - your personal security.

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